Growing up, my parents owned and operated a Chinese restaurant, I drew from these experiences to create my thesis project. Thank You is a project that explores the racial stereotypes of Chinese-Canadians, with a focus on the restaurant industry as a place where culture is shared, consumed, and appropriated. Through a variety of approaches that address both personal and societal aspects, each work speaks to a different issue regarding the lived experiences of Chinese-Canadians. By transforming the vernacular forms of the Chinese restaurant, familiar objects and scenes are recontextualized to encourage viewers to question racial perceptions of Chinese-Canadians.

My parents, Loy & Seline, operating their first restaurant after their immigration to Canada. 

Through a series of print pieces and objects, they are transformed to address the societal and personal impacts of Chinese stereotypes. Documented is Ceramic Fortune Cookies, a Placemat, Tear Away Menu, Takeout boxes, a Menu and Chopstick Wrappers.

Photography by Abbey Chong

Today's Specials | 5x8" | Double-Sided Tear Away Notepad

Where Are You From? History of Stereotypical Objects & Imagery to Satisfy your Curiosity | 11x17" | Placemat Design

Chop Tips | 1.5 by 6" | Chopstick Packaging

Thank You Box | 3 x 4 " | Take Out Box Design

Misfortunes | 2 x 2" | Clay Fortune Cookies | Inside written on the fortunes are the collected stories of Chinese-Canadians and their experiences with racism

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