Poster Designs

"Days 2019" | 11 x17" | Poster Design

I tracked each day in March 2019. After, I assigned a colour to each emotion

These posters are based off 3 days in March 2019

"Make It, Wave It" 2018 | 18 x 24" | Typography

Experimental type poster inspired by the song Sparks from artist Beach House's 2015 album Depression Cherry. 
The poster was intended to emulate a page from someone's journal. The lyrics were chosen due to their personal nature. The type was handwritten and layered with textures to match the quality of the song. 

Likeable 2018 | 33 x 44" | Typography

A typographic project based on a short story, Likable by Deb Olin Unferth. This story is about the inner conflict a women goes through in thinking she is unlikeable. The poster is scattered and goes through spirals of text to match the nature of the story.

Chinese New Year Gala Poster 2016 | 11 x 17" | Layout & Typography 

Poster commissioned for the Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick for their annual Chinese New Year Gala. 

FredTalks 2016 | 11 x 17" | Layout & Typography 

Poster commissioned for FredTalks 2016 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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